Apathy is a lack or suppression of emotions such as concern, excitement, motivation and passion. The word is derived from Greek a- (without) + pathos (emotion). Other words often pass as synonyms, or are considered at least similar, such as: detachment, disinterest, disregard, doldrums, impassiveness, indifference, insensibility, lassitude, lethargy, listlessness, nonchalance, torpor, and others.

the Macabre


Philophobia is defined as the abnormal, persistent and unwarranted fear of falling in love. The word is derived from Greek philia (love) + phovos (fear). The symptoms are very irregular and vary from person to person. These include sweating, nausea, rapid breathing, shortness of breath, feelings of dread and extreme fear of not being able to live up to promises.

The dragon's death

eaten alive ☙ love at first sight

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death and love

EDVARD MUNCH, “Death and Love”, 1894.

Mental Laceration

I can't get this feeling off my chest

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The Beast

Vagina Dentata

castration is too good for him darling

The Devilman