This is a picture of Elsie Paroubek who was murdered at the age of five in 1911 in Chicago. The picture is most likely to have come from the Chicago Daily News. It was one of many newspaper photos of children collected by artist Henry Darger. According to his autobiography, his copy of Miss Paroubek's photo was in amongst some items that were stolen when his locker at work was broken into, and he was unable to locate the picture in the newspaper archives. The tragic death of Miss Paroubek and the loss of her image inspired him to begin writing his monumental fantasy novel "The Story of the Vivian Girls." Miss Paroubek was a central character in the novel, under the name Anna Aronburg. This jpg comes from a screenshot which I took myself from the film "Henry Darger in the Realms of the Unreal". I have been told by other Wikipedians (see the discussion section for the Henry Darger article) that the photograph is in public domain (it was taken prior to 1923) and can be used for fair use without resorting to asking permission of the Darger estate as administered by Kiyoko Lerner. I want to use this picture on the Henry Darger article because it was the catalyst for his most important writing. --Bluejay Young 23:58, 20 December 2006 (UTC)